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Dynamics Capital Group proudly presents our 11th Annual Real Estate Syndication & CrowdFunding Conference. Join over 100 real estate investors, professionals, lenders, companies, and brokerages as our noted speakers discuss everything NEW in commercial Real Estate Syndication and Real Estate CrowdFunding transactions.

At this Real Estate Conference. Our speakers and panelists include CEO’s, corporate officers, lenders, and investors from such innovative companies as Fox Rothschild, Patch of Land, RealtyShares, Fundrise, Dynamics Capital, Lerman Law Partners, Standard Management and Folio Institutional, who will explain how to find and finance opportunities in Real Estate Investments.

Real estate syndication and real estate crowdfunding enable you to partner with others, and join resources to purchase larger commercial real estate properties than you would ordinarily purchase alone. In this very informative conference, you will learn everything you need to know about real estate syndication, and even if you are already sponsoring partnerships, you will learn the latest innovative techniques for profitable Commercial Real Estate Investing with examples of how to do it better, and more profitably, from true experts in real estate syndication.


In this Real Estate Conference you will learn about:

    • Finding ideal, profitable properties suitable for real estate investing and syndication
    • Accurately valuing and analyzing the projected return on syndicated investment properties
    • Finding good partners to join you in real estate syndication
    • Raising the capital needed - both equity and debt for real estate investing
    • How to structure real estate syndication from the legal and tax aspects
    • How to write offers, counter offers and contracts that are advantageous to you and your real estate syndication partners
    • New methods of Real Estate CrowdFunding & the future of Real Estate Syndication
    • Multiple ways you as a sponsor or general partner will be compensated from your real estate syndication or real estate investing projects.

You will hear from:

    • Top attorneys who specialize in real estate syndication
    • CPA’s who will explain all aspects of taxation on real estate syndication plus investment analysis.
    • Commercial real estate experts who have syndicated investments successfully for many years
    • Bankers and hard-money-lenders that will explain all aspects of financing these properties
    • Experts that will talk about what type of profits to expect from real estate syndication and answer your questions
    • Individuals who will give examples of their past highly profitable real estate syndication deals

If you have ever considered investing in commercial real estate, this is a must-attend, annual real estate conference organized and sponsored by Dynamics Capital.

Testimonials from past attendees:

“My $50,000 investment more than doubled in less than 5 years." Bruce B.

“I invested $30,000 four years ago, and when I sold the building recently I received $78,000, - that’s a $48,000 profit in four years.” Michael N.

“I have benefitted a great deal from having Dynamics Capital as ‘my partner in real estate.’ If you follow their advice, you will, too.” Patrick F.

Please join us in January 2016